About this Website and Contact Info

About this website

This Policecarwebsite was founded in November of 1996, hosted on op.net. We later moved to other hosts as the site began to grow in size. It started as a small collection of photos and brief information and news about police cars. We later added a section about the history of police cars and explanation of what a police package vehicle was. With photos being sent in by hundreds of people from around the world, the website became a huge collection of police and emergency vehicle photos.We continue to add new content to the website regularly. Normal updates are approximately once a week or less.
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How to contribute photos to this website

If you would like to add your photos to the Police Car Website (police cars or other emergency vehicle photos), please email it to policecarsite policecarsite@gmail.com. Please list in you email how you would like to be credited for the photo (if at all). Be sure to send your images "as attachment".  Please do not submit photos that you downloaded from other websites. Please note, that it may take several weeks to several months for photos to be added to the website, depending on when and how ofter a section of the website is updated.