Fire and Emergency Service Specialized & Support Units

Airport Units

Brush, Forestry, Wildland & Hotshot Units

Foam Units

HazMat, Chem, Decon, & Spill Control

Tanker Units

Urban Search-Rescue Units

Small Rescue Units

Medium Rescue Units

Large Rescue Units

Heavy Rescue Units

Collapse Rescue Units

Search/Rescue Units

Fire Command Post and Communications

Water Rescue and Dive Units

Air Supply & Light Units

Utility Truck Support Units

Step Van Support Unit

ATVs, Golfcarts and Gators

Special Response Units

Fire and Rescue Boats

Bomb Disposal Units

Traffic Control Units - Fire Police

Fire Department Box Trucks

Fire Salvage Units

Rehab & Canteen Unit

Fire & Rescue Helicopters

Medical Helicopters


Fleet Service and Vehicle Maintenance
for Police, Fire and other Emergency Vehicles

Links to More Emergency Vehicles
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updated Feb 16 2024