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E7 prototype

TX7 prototype
Carbon Motors Corporation E7 was to be the first purpose-built law enforcement vehicle developed specifically for the needs of police. Instead of taking an standard passenger vehicle and installing heavy duty components at the factory,  then adding aftermarket police equipment to a car, the E7 is built to be a police car straight from the factory. The vehicle is designed to serve the unique demands of law enforcement, with standard or available features such as: a high-performing six-cylinder dual-turbo clean diesel engine , rear wheel drive, bullet-stopping ballistic panels in front doors and dash panel, emergency lights integrated into the roof, body and bumpers, and many more features. ‘E7’ was the internal code name for the vehicle, the vehicle only made it to prototype stage. No production model were ever built. Carbon Motors Corporation was a new American automaker and planned to manufacture the vehicle in its own facility. Production was scheduled to begin in 2012, but was been delayed due to funding issues. Carbon Motors was also developing a second vehicle called the Carbon TX7. This second vehicle was a truck based light armored, mutli-purpose unit. While there was initial interest from police agencies and investors, as well as a deal with BMW for purchase of six-cylinder diesel engines for use in the vehicles, the company never made any production vehicles, only a E7 prototype publicly revealed in 2008. (1) Carbon Motors shut down operations in 2013. (2)