The Police Package - Ford Crown Victoria 

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1992 Ford Crown Victoria

1993-1994 Ford Crown Victoria

1995-1997 Ford Crown Victoria
1992-1997 Ford Crown Victoira
The newly restyled 1992 Ford Crown Victoria was introduced with a police package in Feb. 1992, nearly a year after the 19991 model had gone out of production. Powered by a new drivetrain, a 4.6 litter single overhead cam (SOHC) modular V-8 with electronic 4 speed overdrive automatic. Also new for 1992 was 4 wheel disc brakes, speed sensitive steering, passenger side airbag, and options like traction control and and anti lock brakes. The new engine gave the Crown Victoria much better performance that the sluggish 1991 model it replaced. The new 1992 Crown Vic wasn't quite as fast as a 1992 Chevrolet Caprice (with 5.7 liter V-8), but it did get much better gas mileage  (Caprice : 14.0 MPG compared to Crown Vic: 18.5 MPG) .  The new Crown Victoria was faster than the 5.0 litter V-8 Caprice (and Crown Victoria got better gas mileage), and faster than the V-6 powered midsize police cars, the Ford Taurus and Chevrolet Lumina. The new Crown Victoria was ordered by 32 state police and highway patrol agencies in 1992, even through it was only made for half a year. The 1992 had a unique, modern grill-less front end simular to other Ford vehicles of the time period. The front end was updated in 1993 to add a grill with more traditional styling.

Changes for 1993 model year:
- a new grill
- reflector strip added between tail lights

Changes for 1994 model year:
- heavier brake rotors
- standard bucket seats

Changes for 1995 model year:
- new egg-crate style grill
- new tail lights
- rear license plate moved, now in between tail lights
- upgraded EEC-V engine control computer
- improved engine performance (top speed 132 mph)

Changes for 1996 model year:
- Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) option, first NGV police car ever
- improved performance (top speed 135 mph) ran quarter mile in 16 sec

 Changes for 1997 model year:
- no major changes
- had no full sized competition (no Chevrolet Caprice)