The Police Package - 2013-2014 Ford F-150 Special Service Vehicle

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2013-2014 Ford F-150 SSV
2013-2014 Ford F-150 Special Service Vehicle
The Ford F-150 Special Service Vehicle (SSV) was introduced for the 2013 model year, in late 2012.(2)  It was the second special service vehicle to join the marketplace, after the Ram 1500 SSV was introduced the year The package is specifically designed for law enforcement, fire, and other government or commercial fleets.(3) before. It was available with two engines choices. A 360 hp, 5.0L DOHC V8 or a 365 hp, 3.5L EcoBoost (twin turbo) V6. 6-speed automatic was used on both engines. Two wheel drive or for wheel drive were both offered. The front seat of the F-150 SSV featured 40-20-40 configuration, the middle section removed to hold equipment. A heavy-duty 220-amp alternator was also part of the package to handling the increased electrical requirements of aftermarket radios and lighting. (1) An all new F-150 was introduced for model year 2015, and the SSV package continue on that new model.