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Chevrolet in 1955 introduced  their Police Package on the all new 1955 Chevrolets with an also new small block V8. Initially available for 1955 with a long lead time, it was much more readily available the next model year 1956. General Motors family member Buick also made police package vehicles starting in 1955,  with the Model 68 Century. Buick built 270 of these two-door sedans especially for the California Highway Patrol, 135 with manual transmissions and 135 with automatics. The body was from the lightweight Special, the lowest cost Buick, but  the engine was the 322-cubic inch V8 from the more upscale Century model rated at 236 horsepower, with brakes from the top of the line Roadmaster (6)(7). Pontiac, Oldsmobile, and Mercury were also in the Police Package market, in lesser quantities than the big 4 low cost leaders: Chevrolet, Dodge, Plymouth, and Ford.

1978 would be the last year for Buick, Pontiac, and Oldsmobile police cars. General Motors, in an effort to keep divisions from competing and undercutting each other for the same market share, GM made Chevrolet the only division to market official police package cars after 1978.

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