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Lenco is a manufacturer of armored trucks for law enforcement, private security and military applications since 1981.(1) Lenco has two models, The BearCat and the BEAR, each of which can be customized for law enforcement, tactical medicevac, military, private security uses. The BEAR and BearCat were developed to replace the surplus military vehicles and converted bank armored trucks that police departments had previously used for SWAT and rescue uses. The Cadillac Gage Ranger, more commonly know as  the Peacekeeper, was a vehicle manufactured by another company (Cadillac Gage, now known Textron). It was of  similar design to the BearCat  with both being armored personnel carriers based on a commercial vehicle chassis. The Peacekeepers were used by the military, and later by law enforcement when those vehicles became available to them as military surplus. The BearCat was a much more modern vehicle, and became the primary choice when police departments looked to replace aging Peacekeepers.

The BearCat is the smaller of the two models, and is more widely used by law enforcement agencies. BearCat is short  for "Ballistic Engineered Armored Response Counter Attack Truck". The BearCat is based on a Ford F-Series super duty chassis. The vehicle features 1.5 inch think armored body, ballistic glass, blast resistant floors, and other special equipment. Most BearCats are used by law enforcement SWAT and Special Response Teams, and are refereed to as "Police Rescue" or "armored rescue" vehicles. BearCats are used worldwide by police and military agencies. (2)

The BEAR is the larger of the two Lenco Armored Vehicles. BEAR is short for "Ballistic Engineered Armored Response". It is based on a Freighliner truck chassis. The BEAR can hold up to 15 fully equipped officers and has the ability to transport up to 30 evacuees.  The armored vehicle is designed to resistant multiple rounds of gun fire.  It is available in either two or four wheel drive, and can be customized for special applications. An optional ram bar on the front of the vehicle can be used to breach doors, fences and other obstacles in an armed standoff situation (1)