The Police Package - 1979-1983 Chevrolet Malibu 9C1

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1979-1983 Chevrolet Malubu 9C1
1979-1983 Chevrolet Malibu 9C1
The Chevrolet Malibu was sold from 1979 until 1983. Chevrolet's mid-sized police car. It replaced the very popular Chevy Nova police car in 1979 in the police car market. While the Malibu had a shorter wheelbase than the compact Nova, it had more interior room, and was classified as a midsized sedan. The Malibu was replaced in both the police car and retail marked by the Chevrolet Celebrity after 1983.

For 1979, The Malibu 9C1 Police Package was available with a 200 cid 2 bbl V-6 with 94 hp, or a 305 cid 4bbl V-8 with 160 hp, or a 350 cid V-8 with 170 hp. The Malibu 9C1 featured  updates to GM's F41 sport suspension for better handling (1) In the police car marketplace, the Malibu competed with the compact/mid sized Ford Fairmont, Dodge Aspen, and Plymouth Volare police package cars. The Malibu polcie package was avaliable in 2 dor coupe or 4 dor sedan version. For 1980, the Malibu continued with only slight front end styling changes. Ford 1981 the Malibu received a restyled front grill and a new more squared off, formal roofline. The 1982 Malibu received a restyled front end with new grill and quad headlights. The Malibu continued into it's final year in 1983 with only minor changes, inclusing the addition of the word MALIBU in block letters on a badge on the front fenders, replacing the cursive script badge on teh rear feders on prior years.

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