New York City Police Cars

NYPD photos listed by division/bureau

Highway Patrol

Precinct Vehicle

Traffic Division

Emergency Service

Auxiliary Police

Transit Bureau

Housing Bureau

Harbor Division

Critical Response Command

Strategic Response Group

Counterterrorism Bureau

Task Forces
Disorder Control Unit
K-9 Units

Crime Scene Unit

Mounted Unit

Bomb Squad

Radiation Detection Unit

Community Affairs

Surface Transportation Enforcement Divison

Fleet Service Division

Personnel - Recruitment

Special Operations Div

Communications Division

Barracade Units

Video Unit

TV/Movie Unit

Mngmnt Information Systems

Aviation Unit

Police Acadamy

School Safety

NYPD Museum Unit

Building Mainence Section

Property Clerk Division

Municipal Security

Criminal Justice Bureau

Traffic Operations & Traffic Task Forces

Chief of Transportation

unmarked units

Technical Assistance Response Unit

All other divisions

Vehicles 1910 to 1990
Former Departments now merged into the NYPD

NYC Housing Police, Transit Police
 Other Departments in New York City that are not part of the NYPD

NYC Sanitation Police

NYC Taxi and Limo Comm

NYNJ Port Authority Police

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