1974-1977 Chrysler Full Sized Police Cars

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Full Sized 1974-77

Chrysler's all new full sized cars were introduced in 1974. The new Dodge Monaco was the replacement for the Dodge Polara. The Plymouth Fury replaced the old Plymouth Fury. These new cars had a 122 in wheelbase, 2 in longer than the cars they replaced. The Dodge Monacos that were built for police or taxi duty were all given the name Monaco Specials. In 1975 model year the Fury name was put on the smaller mid-sized model (formerly known as the Plymouth Satellite), and the full sized Plymouth became the Gran Fury. In 1976, the A38 Police Package was aslo made available on the Chrysler Newport. With a 124 in wheelbase, it was the biggest of the Chrysler police cars. 1976 was the olny year it was made with a police package. In 1977 the Monaco name went on the mid-sized dodge, and the full-sized Dodge was now known as the Royal Monaco, for its last year in production. The replacements for the full sized Chyslers would not come out until 1979, with the Dodge St Regis and Chrysler Newport. 
A38 Police Package was available on these full sized Chrysler cars:
1974-1976 Dodge Monaco

1977 Dodge Royal Monaco
1974 Plymouth Fury I
1975-1977 Plymouth Gran Fury
1976 Chrysler Newport