Full Sized Police Package 1979-1991

LTD and
Crown Victoria
1979 to 1991
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The new downsized Ford LTD was introduced for the 1979 model year. The LTD-S was a lower priced version of the LTD
 that was used as a fleet package car. The police package was available on both the LTD-S and the LTD. Most police and fire
 departments used the lower priced LTD-S over the more expensive LTD.  The LTD-S was available from 1979 to 1982, and
 had only a single headlight on each side of the front grill.. The 1979 and 1980 LTD-S had ventilation slots in the middle of the
 front bumper, the 1981 and 82 models had a solid front bumper. Also all of the 1982 Ford LTD's (both LTD-S and regular LTD)
 had the blue Ford oval on the front grill, previous models had the word FORD stamped on the top of the front grill. For 1983
 the car was renamed the LTD Crown Victoria (The LTD name was given to the mid-sized Ford, commonly known as the baby LTD).The
car was next restyled in 1988, and remained basicly the same until it was replaced with an all new Crown Victoria in 1992. The
 full sized Ford police car was not a big seller up to the mid 1980's,  because police cars from Dodge, Plymouth and Chevrolet
  were better overall during those years. By 1985 sales began to pick up, and by 1990 the big Ford Police car was selling just about even with the Chevy Caprice.