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The Dodge Diplomat and Chrysler LeBaron were originally introduced in 1977, as upmarket luxury versions of the Dodge Aspen and Plymouth Volare (F body) . The Diplomat and LeBaron were restyled for 1980, and the police package version arrived in 1981, classified as a mid sized cop car .The Dodge Aspen and Plymouth Volare (F- body) were the mid sized cop cars for 1980, their last year. 1981 was the last year of the (R-body) full sized Chrysler police cars, the Dodge St. Regis and Plymouth Gran Fury. For 1982 the M body at 112.7 inch wheelbase (now sold under the names Dodge Diplomat and Plymouth Gran Fury) was the largest Chrysler cop cars. The LeBaron was renamed New Yorker for 1982 and  was no longer available with a police package. 1981 was the only year for a LeBaron Police Car (and the last Chrysler name on a police car).
Dodge Diplomat

Chrysler LeBaron

Plymouth Caravelle

Plymouth Gran Fury
The Plymouth Gran Fury and Dodge Diplomat shared the same body from 1982 to 1989, with only grills and tail lights to tell them apart.  The M-body cop cars shared many mechanical features with the F-body cars they replaced. The brakes, suspension, and wheelbase were all identical. The Dodge Diplomat and Plymouth Gran Fury did very well as cop cars in the 1980's, with price being their strongest selling point. The M bodies were smaller than the Chevy and Ford competition, but had better  performance than the Ford up to 1989 and performance better than the Chevy up to 1983, and close  performance after that. No styling changes were made to the Diplomat and Gran Fury over their lifetime, Instead  the cars were steadily improved in engines, performance and safety features. For 1985 a SE edition Diplomat went on sale with a restyled front end (looking like a Chrysler 5th Avenue) . A few SE edition Diplomats made  their way into police forces, but these cars cost more so not many were sold as cop cars, most were unmarked cars.  Cars made after May 1988 had drivers side airbags. In the United States, the Dodge Diplomat out-sold the Plymouth Gran  Fury every year as cop cars.  The California Highway Patrol was a loyal user of Dodge products since the 1950's, and this continue in the 1980's with the Dodge Diplomat. The Diplomat was chosen for enforcement class vehicle in 1981, 1983, 1985, 1986, and 1988. Big cities like New York City and Philadelphia were loyal users of M-Body's, and used them to the cars last model year 1989.